Per andreasen

Copy & content

He sat there every morning.
Alone but for two tall cans of strong beer.

Most days he was bathed in sunlight on the bench in the middle of the town square – halfway between my office and the bar.

Although I saw him daily, we never spoke.

My deadlines confined me indoors until his cans were empty and the bar opened.

There’s a story in everything.
And I know how to find it.

I traded a toxic newsroom for a one-man office. In a city I didn’t know. So I had to find stories fast.

I wrote about major local businesses, constructions, conflicts, and much more.

And when I left the newspaper for an advertising agency, I learned to use stories for something the newspaper couldn’t – to make money.

Since then, I have helped many companies tell their stories in a way that brings their (potential) customers closer to them and eases sales.

Writing that
doesn't hurt
your eyes

Who knew profits could come from making other writers laugh online?

Well, I’ve been an active part of several online communities as long as they’ve been a thing. And now I know.

Through The Copywriter Club I’ve met some of the most wonderful humans and clients.

Since 2018 I’ve assisted fellow copywriters with a long list of projects. Some needed fresh eyes on their copy, so it would perform better. Others brought me on for full projects.

And then came the tech clients …

Over the years I’ve written for Adobe Experience Platform, DataStax, Redpanda Data, and more.

Most projects for these impressive tech companies have been blog posts, and you can check out a few of them here:


What others say about my work

“A+ copy. Does not infect my eyes. 10/10 recommend”
Jenny Medeiros, Head of Content, Redpanda Data.


“Per is an excellent writer (…) able to capture extremely complex concepts and topics and transform them into engaging content for any audience, whether that’s a developer audience, B2B tech buyers, or C-suite executives. He’s also super reliable and an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Jody Arthur, Senior Content Strategist, DataStax


“I’m a big fan of Per’s copy feedback. Not only did he point out ALL issues line by line. He’s also so damn funny, I almost spit out my coffee twice while watching his video. Do yourself a favor and book a coaching session with him!”
Eddie Biroun, Mr. Brand Builder.