Turn your business struggles into growth opportunities

Note: This offer is exclusively for visionary leaders with no time to waste.

You too can attract more leads, increase costumer value, and keep employees happy with the help of a veteran marketer.

“Just when I thought I was out, the day-to-day pulled me back in.”

Many leaders feel slowed down by tasks that should be handed off to others.

Perhaps your mind is already on the must-wins of next quarter – as it should be, if you ask me.

This is why the tasks you’ve delegated shouldn’t come back to haunt you.
Do these monsters lurk under your bed (or in your head) too?

  • How can my company stay relevant?

  • How do we stand out from the competition?

  • Can we even mention sustainability without risking fines?

  • How do I add marketing resources while staying true to our brand?

  • How do I get my employees and external contractors to collaborate better?

All monsters grow larger in the shadows

So let's drag them out into the open!

Trendzilla – a large lizard or dinosaur type monster that moves fast and changes markets
Clone cadaver - a business monster that sucks out any personality
A green goblin on stage at a conference ready to spread lies and encourage greenwashing
A dragon named data wyrm rests on a mountain of old hard drives
Giant troll beneath a bridge ready to tear up the path of any team

moves fast and changes markets at a scary pace.

Clone Cadaver
its poisonous bite makes any business conform.

Greenwashing Goblin
his talks on sustainability will get you in a heap of trouble

Data Wyrm
deep underground it rests on data you could’ve used to drive growth

Teamwork Troll
blocks your path to anything resembling seamless collaboration

These monsters hack away at your competitive edge, turn modern decision-makers away from you, and eventually put you out of business.

But only if you let them.

If you’re still in business as you’re reading this, there’s still time to take action. And luckily you won’t have to face your monsters alone.

Introducing: The Monster Slaying Session

No monsters are identical. You need actionable advise tailored to your business.

This is why I won’t offer you a cookie-cutter blueprint. No digital downloads or roadmaps.

This is a transformational strategy call focused on your biggest challenge.

We can cover how to …

  • Define strategy and identity for the long run

  • Get more impact from your marketing efforts

  • Share your work with sustainability while staying compliant

  • Collaborate closely and get more done

  • Turn business data into profits

It’s up to you what we should focus on. 

But you can only book a session if you’re ready to make changes in your business.

Meet your monster slaying companion

Hi! I’m Per Andreasen, and I’ll be your companion on the Monster Slaying Session.

I’ve worked with a ton of founders, CEO’s, and CMO’s to slay their biggest monsters.

Honestly, I was always more of a Call of Cthulhu nerd. So instead of trying to make it as an axe-wielding barbarian, I became a Journalist. But I broke the constraints of print media in 2015 to pursue a career in marketing.

Since 2017 I’ve been an independent marketing consultant and copywriter. Here’s how this is relevant to you. I’ve …

  • Held interim CMO positions building marketing teams

  • Guided COO’s through defining their brand values and how to communicate them

  • Analyzed niche markets and created roadmaps that take sustainability, new tech, and a whole lot more into account

How does this slaying actually work?

The Monster Slaying Session is a strategic conversation between you and me.

  1. You fill out the form and book your session

  2. I read up on your challenges and your market

  3. We meet for 45 minutes to face your biggest monster head-on

After the call you’ll get the recording so you can engage in our session 100%.

This also lets you go back and make sure you’ve implemented all we talked about.

So you get the most slay for your buck.

Speaking of bucks …

Right now you can book The Monster Slaying Session at the intro bargain of just $199.

Why is it this cheap?
Well, as you can tell from the weird names after the quotes below, I’ve mostly helped Danish clients in the past.

I’m born and raised in Denmark.

My business is based in Denmark just like many of my clients.

But for years now I’ve been working with international SaaS companies, American startups, and solopreneurs in marketing all over the world.

I want to help you no matter where in the world you’re facing your monsters.

This is why I’m selling these sessions at a loss for a short time only.

Book before the price goes up.

What others say ...

“Per has a great understanding of the challenges startup founders face. His support has meant a lot to our marketing development” – Benjamin Chavel-Schenk, Co-Founder, Dansk Trailer Center.

“I’m very impressed with the way you just got our small industry, shared ideas, and taught us how to get the identity we were dreaming of. I’m excited about our future collaboration.” – Soren Christensen, COO, Dansk Miljøkontrol.