Forwertz – because
we want to make progress

Forwertz is a boutique brand agency based in Horsens. The name draws inspiration from the German word “vorwärts,” meaning “forwards.”

This underscores our commitment to seeking new paths that create greater value for our clients. It also reflects our stance towards our customers.

If your company clings to old habits that are harmful to both people and the planet, we’ll pass on collaborating with you. We aim to work exclusively with businesses that strive towards a better world.

You don’t need to burn down the entire village or refuse to establish a single routine. That kind of all-or-nothing approach isn’t beneficial. But you should be ready to make a difference where it makes sense.

Forwertz was founded in 2022 by brand designer Mirjam Irvold and copywriter Per Andreasen. Since 2015, we have collaborated in developing brands, taglines, advertisements, and much more.

At Forwertz, we primarily use workshops to get a deep understanding of our clients and their challenges. This approach is what lets us create the best solutions.

Per andreasen


Blend 4.200 hours of infomercials, 80’s hit lists from MTV, and the anarchistic mentality of skateboarding, you’ve got a feel for what’s shaped Per.

He’s dabbled in most industries and published skateboarding magazines, before going through journalism school and working in local media.

Since 2015 he’s developed brands, strategized, and written pretty much all the things.

Most of his clients since then have been in construction, tech, and fitness.

Learn more about Per and see examples of his work by pressing that button 👇

Mirjam irvold

Brand designer

My mission is to create beautiful visual identities and graphic work in which you can recognize yourself and your values.

Your brand deserves to appear exclusive and professional. This requires a consistent expression on all surfaces – and this takes a purposeful process.

Since 2005, I have refined the work behind unique concepts and offer things like …

  • Visual identities
  • Clarification of brand strategy
  • Development of illustrations and logos
  • Set up catalogs, magazines, and user-friendly brand guides
  • Manage photoshoots (from style, atmosphere, and briefs to storyboards and coordination)

I’m a trained Graphic Designer and take pride in graphic craftsmanship. That’s why I offer to follow tasks all the way through or to hand them over to others in the best way possible.

My most important task is to see and understand you so we can create designs that don’t just look good but also move you forward in the market.

Let’s talk about the possibilities for collaboration.